By K.S. Anthony on 25 August, 2017

Here Are The Top 5 Global Fast Food Brands: #1 Isn't Who You Might Think

When you think about successful penetration into foreign markets, there are a few brands who've really just done it right. We've taken a look at a few of these models ranging from Pinkberry's incredible success, to McDonald's plans for 2000 new stores in China, to Taco Bell's deft handling of cultural differences in India, but you may still be wondering who the biggest players in the global expansion game are when it comes to fast food. Fortunately for you – and for us – crunched those numbers and came up with a solid list... that reveal some unexpected big leaguers opening stores around the world. Here are the top 5.

1) Subway

44,882 stores in 112 countries and territories. We assume they use the metric system abroad, but we can't immediately confirm that. Subway? Who knew?

2) McDonald's

(Credit: Hoi Shing Wang/Wikimedia Commons)

36,615 stores – and counting – in 119 countries. Not much of a surprise here. The burning question is whether or not the shake machine works in any of them.

3) Starbucks

(Credit: Xesco/Wikimedia Commons)

24,000+ stores in 70 countries. Google translate probably won't help you if you try to order a tepid venti half-caff soy mocha, no whip in South Korea, but you're welcome to try.

4) KFC

20,500+ stores in 125 countries. The Colonel would be proud. Extra-crispy or original?

5) Burger King

15,243+ stores in 100 different countries, slinging Whoppers and that signature flame-broiled taste. 

You're probably wondering, "Where's Taco Bell? Did Dunkin Donuts beat out Pizza Hut? Does anyone love Orange Julius anymore?" If you want these answers, you're going to have to go check out the list yourself.

And yes, Dunkin Donuts, did not beat out Pizza Hut. They came pretty close, though.

(Cover photo: Irwandy Mazwir/Flickr)

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