By Antony McGregor Dey on 07 September, 2016

The Pizza Press Franchise Faces Global Challenges

By Antony McGregor Dey
GetGlobal's Marketing Director



GetGlobal Conference 2016 – Dara Maleki

With over 25 locations, Dara’s Maleki, founder and CEO of The Pizza Press, is already looking globally – specifically, towards China. China’s growing middle class and increasingly affluent part of the population is expected to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future and The Pizza Press is right on target for expansion.

Expanding into China, however, has been met with several challenges. From sourcing equipment, to finding the right type of partners, to navigating real estate, Dara’s Pizza Press team has faced similar roadblocks that many of our conference speakers have experienced.

The Pizza Press will in be attendance for Getglobal 2016 to get expert advice from:

  • Secretary Karen Ross, CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture, on the food and beverage industry;
  • Jason Weintraub, international corporate strategy and development function for Taco Bell Corp.,on how to develop and implement corporate and franchise unit development, acquisitions and new market entry;
  • China experts: Amy Celico, Jeremy Goldkorn, Frank Lavin, and Christine Lu speak on the future of China’s growing market opportunities;
  • Antony Buono, Global Head of Retail at CBRE Real Estate, on strategic market expansion.

You too can leave equipped with questions answered, and networks gained, on October 20-21 2016 at our conference!

It’s still not too late to register!

For more information about our speakers:

Thank you to our partners at California Restaurant Association.

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