Can You Better Manage Your Global Workforce?

By Bjorn Reynolds |
19 April, 2017

What are you seeing in the international payroll space in 2017? You’re really looking at a change in market practice. Payroll has always been a fairly decentralized .

Where Are the Strongest Areas for Growth in Healthcare?

By Anthony Cino |
19 April, 2017

How would you characterize the last year in terms of opportunity and risk for healthcare? It’s been an interesting year for companies in the healthcare space .

Southeast Asia: Best Kept Secret for Growth and Opportunity

By Marc Mealy |
19 April, 2017

“The ASEAN region has seven “unicorn startups” What do you see as the biggest opportunities and biggest risks in 2017 for U.S. businesses in the Association of .

How Smart Companies can Leverage UAE's Vision2021 for Success

By Bilal Sabouni |
19 April, 2017

How has Dubai and the broader United Arab Emirates fared over the past year? Let’s be honest with ourselves - 2016 was a difficult year not only for Dubai and the .

How Can You Evolve to Meet the Demands of China?

By Frank Lavin |
19 April, 2017

There’s a perception that the international environment is more hostile and unpredictable than  in the past, but the opposite may actually be true. What is your .

As Tensions Grow, Businesses Face a Challenge in China

By Jeremy Goldkorn |
19 April, 2017

“We’ve seen much stronger repression of civil society movements and the media.” 2016 was a huge year for the United States in many places in the world. What was .

Mexico Reacts to a New Economic Reality

By Inigo Guevara |
19 April, 2017

It’s been an interesting year for US-Mexico relations. The election pulled out a lot of questions for the Mexican side, and a lot of questions for the American side, .

Transformation in The Energy Industry, US & Globally

By The Honorable Spencer Abraham |
10 March, 2017

How would you characterize the global energy landscape after the oil price crash several years ago? The landscape is dramatically different in comparison to where it .

Real Talk on Entering the Indian Market

By Rajiv Kumar |
26 February, 2017

How do you think India has fared economically over the last year? India has fared reasonably well. Not as well as it should be doing, but GDP has grown about 7 .

New Border Taxes - Headache or Opportunity?

By Susan Kohn Ross |
23 February, 2017

What do you see as the greatest opportunities and risks for trade in 2017 during this period of change and uncertainty in the US? There has been a lot of discussion .

Think You Know Canada? Surprise & Opportunity in the North

By Stephen Armstrong & Robert Kelle |
17 February, 2017

“People around the world look to Canada as a leader in terms of diversity and acceptance” How did you see 2016 for Canada’s economy and business environment? Stephen .

Gallup Explains The Global Upheaval We’re Seeing

By Mohamed Younis |
26 January, 2017

Tell us about what you learned from the data Gallup released about the Trump transition just before the inauguration. It’s been quite different from most of the data .

Is the Next Economic Boom the ASEAN Region?

By Stuart Dean |
26 January, 2017

What do you see as the biggest opportunities for companies interested in ASEAN in 2017? With the US potentially withdrawing from global engagements, particularly .

In an Uncertain World, Opportunities Remain at the Subnational Level

By Joel Whitaker |
16 January, 2017

You cover the entire world, covering clients wherever they may be, and that puts you in a unique position to understand what companies are facing in real time. I’m .

The European Union is on Shaky Ground - Can it keep it's footing?

By Andrea Montanino |
12 January, 2017

What do you see as the biggest opportunities and biggest risks in 2017 for US businesses in Europe? 2017 is a crucial year for Europe, there are a number of important .

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