Rebecca Alexander

Founder and President at Socialyte Collective

Global Influencers

Beca Alexander leads an all female team at Socialyte, a creative agency that focuses on casting influencers for branded collaborations.

Socialyte identifies content creators in various verticals for strategic partnerships to help promote brands and services. The agency has grown to 25 employees in just 5 years and has doubled in growth year over year. Socialyte has two main divisions, one that focuses on the discovery and management of talent, helping grow their careers by negotiating and executing their incoming opportunities.

Beca and her team have helped build careers for talents like Marianna Hewitt, Marcel Floruss, and Adam Gallagher. The casting division works directly with brands to build out creative programs and identify talents from a larger network of global influencers. Socialyte has build campaigns for some of the world's most elite brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Grey Goose Vodka, David Yurman, Audi and American Express.