Noel Lee

Founder & CEO, and Head Monster of Monster Products Inc.

Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration

Since launching Monster Cable almost 40 years ago, Noel Lee has revolutionized music listening for millions of people. He began by conceiving and creating the first-ever premium loudspeaker cables, continued with unprecedented power conditioning products and more recently, headphones and Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to Noel’s contributions to the technology of sound, the consumer music experience has been dramatically enhanced.

In 2008, Lee transformed the personal audio industry with the creation and marketing of the Beats by Dre line of headphones.  Using his knowledge of acoustics, manufacturing, and sound, he created headphones that delivered the bass and impact that urban and hip-hop music demanded.  He then taught retailers how to sell them and more than doubled the size of the headphone industry.

Noel has been awarded dozens of industry leadership and philanthropic awards including being inducted in the CTA Hall of Fame in 2015 and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the prestigious Plus X Awards® in Berlin.

After 37 continuous years in the business, Monster is the largest privately-held Asian-owned business in the Bay Area. It continues to lead in innovation, having been granted more than 500 patents with 100 more pending worldwide, offering more than 5,000 products in more than 160 countries. Lee is still running the show and designs and voices every product including headphones and Bluetooth speakers. Today millions of consumers enjoy Monster designed or manufactured products, and better music listening.