Diego Gilardoni

Associate Partner of Itim International, a global advisory firm specialized in cross-cultural management consulting, and author of Decoding China: Cross-cultural strategies for successful business with the Chinese.

China Cultural Insight

Diego Gilardoni is an International Speaker, Author and Cross-cultural business strategist with an eclectic professional experience of over 20 years in three continents spanning from media to business consulting.

Diego is an Associate Partner of itim International, one of the leading cross-cultural management consulting firms helping companies navigate the unchartered waters of global business. Diego is a specialist on China, where he has worked as a business advisor for foreign companies aiming at doing business in the Chinese market. He currently works from Europe as a cross-cultural consultant and trainer to help companies and executives adapt their strategies to Chinese business culture.

Diego is the author of “Decoding China. Cross-cultural strategies for successful business with the Chinese” (ITIM, 2017). The book has been included in the required readings’ list of the MBA’s program of the University of Oxford. He is member of the Evian Group, a Geneva-based international Think Thank on Globalization. He has given a TED Talk on the impact of cultural differences on global business.