Arusha Goyal

CEO at Goyal Consulting Group

Global IT Strategy

Arusha Goyal is a Global IT Strategy maven. Some people hire personal chauffeurs, while your company hires Goyal Consulting Group to get things done.  

Arusha’s most defining childhood memory is discovering, at the tender age of five, that her mother took numerous breaks amidst her household duties to indulge in the intricate Indian ritual of making Indian chai [tea].  This discovery inspired her to learn the ten-step process and in doing so, her mom could enjoy the tea-break without losing momentum in her busy day.   Arusha realized

that her strengths lie in her ability to observe, understand the big picture and, then deliver solutions. This moment would mark the beginning of a life long journey to help people uncover their greatest potential.

While traveling the globe, she discovered that while the world seemed to be getting smaller by connecting people across oceans via technology and process, her perception instead was that it was becoming bigger because of her increased ability to connect with people: leading to more opportunities that allowed for a fulfilled, purposeful life.  Arusha’s vision is to leverage the younger generations’ need for purpose and passion for travel to create teams that use more than just their IT skills: they solve problems globally.